Jose C Gomez on July 19th, 2011

Credit where credit is due, I ran across this elsewhere a while ago and figured i’d give it a shot in C#, sadly I don’t remember where I saw  it, but either way I present to you a new awesome sorting algorithm.

private static void Sort(List integers)
            foreach (int i in integers)
                Thread t = new Thread(new ParameterizedThreadStart(display));

        private static void display(object x)
            int i = (int)x;
            Thread.Sleep(i * 100);

If all the stars align and your list is short enough this will sort properly!



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Jose C Gomez on May 23rd, 2011

Update 2/22/2013

Since EverNote has changed the authentication mechanism, this will no longer work as is. An update may be released some day. But as of now it does not work.

Update 6/6/2011:New Version Released

  • Minor Bug Fixes

Update 6/2/2011:  New Version Released
Application will automatically update next time it is launched.

  • Added ability to create a new note from an active note by using Ctrl N
  • Added ability to force Sync an active note by pressing Ctrl S
  • Fixed a bug on the location Sync, now it syncs based on percentage , not pixels, so it should look right in all computers
  • Added the ability to change font size by using Ctrl (Mouse Wheel)

For quite a while new I have been a fan of Evernote® its an awesome platform for creating and maintaining notes of all types that synchronize among all of your devices/platforms. The only thing that Evernote® lacked in my opinion was the option of having a sticky note (See window 7 built in sticky note functionality below). This application is very usefull when you need to keep things fresh in your mind since they sit there on your desktop as a constant reminder. But it has the major downside that the notes reside only on your local desktop.

It occurred to me that Evernote® was uniquely qualified to implement a similar application but with the added advantage of ubiquitous synchronization across platforms / desktops.

ESticky is an application I wrote which takes advantage of the Evernote® open API to allow you to have the same functionality of the Microsoft Sticky Notes with the above mentioned advantage of synchronization across platforms and desktops. It synchronizes not only the notes content, but color, font and screen position. Making having sticky notes a great tool.


  • Synchronizes across desktops and platforms.
  • Creates individual notebook for all the sticky notes
  • Synchronizes colors and fonts
  • Automatically launches new notes when they are created in a different location
  • Delivered to Click Once Install from Microsoft ensures that the application is always up to date.
  • Takes advantage of the Windows 7 Task Bar for application Interaction
  • Written in .NET 4.0 using C# and WPF
  • Create a new note from an active note by pressing Ctrl N
  • Force sync an active note by pressing Ctrl S
  • Change the font size by using Ctrl (Mouse Wheel)
  • Install it using Click Once*
  • Install it using Setup.exe*

*Both methods are maintained and  automatically updated when a new version is available.

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Jose C Gomez on February 2nd, 2011

Nothing out of the ordinary today, browsed the web / Facebook and everything worked OK. Worth noting that I attempted to download / open a word document from Blackboard for school and had a bit of difficulty doing it. When clicking on a word document online I would expect it to be pushed out to Google Docs for reading but instead you are prompted with a download dialog box.

Once you download the doc, if you attempt to open it, it says “File Not Recognized”. So you have to navigate to Google Docs, and upload the file manually. I would like for the CR48 to automatically take you to the Google Docs and upload the doc directly from the link I click.

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Jose C Gomez on February 1st, 2011

I had class tonight for the first time since I got the CR48, I took it with me and decided to take all my notes using it. To my surprise it was very easy, I opened up Google Docs and started taking notes, the class was Data Mining and half way into it I had the need to copy down some formulas. I found out that Google Docs has a formulas toolbar with just about any symbol / function you may need.

Class was a breeze and I really enjoyed taking notes, a couple of times I got disconnected from the doc but the CR48 seemed to handle it OK. The only negative I had was that at some point the touch-pad decided to go into highlight mode and it took me a few minutes of fiddling to get it back to normal. Overall class was a very pleasant experience with the CR48 another WIN

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Jose C Gomez on January 31st, 2011

Today was Sunday and didn’t get to do much, I made whole trout and used the CR48 to lookup how to fillet it. It worked ok and accomplished what I needed, another win for the CR48

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Jose C Gomez on January 30th, 2011

Today was the second day with my CR 48, as promised I used it exclusively throughout the day to get anything done. I attempted to watch Twit Live with it however the feed was choppy and the audio was off sync with the video. I moved on to BOL (Buzz Out Loud) and had the same problem, I was able to downgrade the stream to Low Def and it helped a bit but any time I asked the CR48 to give me full screen video the image got choppy and the audio degraded.

Later in the afternoon I took some pictures of a painting I drew and had the need to make some adustments to the image I used Picknic an online photo editing app to make the changes needed. The first problem I had was trying to get the images onto the machine. Although the CR48 comes with a USB Port and an SD Card slot pluggin media into either of these did not make a difference.

After poking around the Internet I had found out that to enable file browsing I had to enable a special flag located in about:flags. Once I enabled advanced file access I was able to see the SDK and to upload the picture to Picknic. I successfully edited the picture and was able to upload it to Facebook.

So far so good, I did not enjoy the video playing but I think it has more to do with the hardware in the CR48 than the OS.

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Jose C Gomez on January 29th, 2011

Yesterday to my surprise I received a CR48 from Google; for those not familiar with what this is, its a prototype laptop that Google sent out to a group of people for testing their new cloud operating system Chrome OS.

As a tester I made the commitment of using the CR48 “exclusively” for 30 days. The reason why the exclusively is in quotes is because I can’t reasonably use it for programming windows forms application, something that is required of me at work. But for any other activity I will attempt to use the cloud based CR48.

Today was the first full day I had with the laptop, I was able to transition my Google Apps account to be used with the laptop and I was able to get all my Google services loaded into it.

I experienced my first problem in the afternoon while watching a YouTube video, the sound started making static noises and became unbearable. Apparently this is a known issue. Besides this I did not encounter I that I could not do. So far so good.

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Jose C Gomez on January 3rd, 2011

The new year always brings new resolutions that we will promptly ignore, so here is one that I shall do exactly that with. I will update my blog more often… hahaha yeah right as if! Lets see how long this lasts.