As many of you I am tired of paying too much for cable television. We currently pay 150$ a month of cable and internet something which I find outrageous. So the plan is to go completely over the top. I am going to blog here about the experience and about how much money we are or we are not saving.

Here is the plan

  • Get NetFlix streaming only service for 7.99 that gives us access to unlimited streaming movies and TV Shows
    which takes care of the “On Demand” needs
  • Get which gives us direct access to Hulu, NetFlix, Comedy Central , CBS, ESPN, Nick, and TBS
  • Get Hulu Plus for a few extra Perks
  • Cut off the cable completely and see if I can survive
  • Get “Over the Air” some of the channels we can

Here are the shows that me and my family watch and where they are available

Parenthood – Hulu
House – Hulu (Plus) Day after Air
Biggest Looser  – Hulu (Day after Air)
Law and Order SVU – Hulu
Law and Order LA – Hulu
Undercover-boss – CBS
Fringe – Hulu (Day after Air)
The Walking Dead – N/A (AMC)
Merlin – Hulu
Leverage – N/A TNT
HawthoRN – N/A TNT
V – Hulu
Covert Affairs – Hulu (USA)

We start today! I’ll post on what progress / problems we run into

1 Comment on Going Over the Top with the TV

  1. Peter says:


    This is an idea thats catching. I actually canceled my cable tv service in july of this year. Netflix online and Hulu have worked out perfectly for my viewing fix. I’ve got just under 400 movies on my whs as well, so I can watch my favorites when-ever. My internet cost rose (comcast) a couple of dollars (due to lose of mult-service discount), but its been a great money saver over all. I find Hulu functions very well as my tivo service. Best wishes. Peter