On April Fool’s day Google put in an over the top show with CADIE , a cute little panda that stole our hearts. But amongst the things that CADIE showed us may be the real possibility that Google Chrome Plug-ins are coming soon. CADIE in its infinite wisdom, decided that we would be better off browsing the web in 3D and thus presented us with her version of Chrome.

This version features a cool new button on the tool bar, 3d-glasses  by pressing it the whole screen became viewable in 3D by using stereoscopic glasses.


This in itself although a novelty doesn’t represent much. But looking at the way the layout changes and the way the button behaves, one could conclude infer that this was made utilizing what would be the plug in functionality of Chrome. So maybe in the very near future Google will reveal the next version/phase of its awesome browser.

Take it as you wish!

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