One of the most annoying website you find when searching for a solution to a problem on Google is http:/// some how someone already asked the same exact question you have. But unfortunately when you go to the page you get something like “Experts Comments are for Premium Members Only” Example you know they have the answer, but is it worth paying? Well they are using an absurd security by obscurity method to ensure you will pay for their services. See any regular Internet user that sees the “For Premium Members Only” sign will immediately hit the back button frustrated and continue on googling. But if you had a bit of curiosity you may find yourself with the answer you were looking for. What is the secret? SCROLL if you scroll down past all the warning and announcements you will find yourself in front of the answers you were seeking. Use it while you can because I am sure after this post hits the web they will promptly close their “Security Hole”

2 Comments on Security by obscurity?

  1. People have known about this for years. This “feature” is not going away anytime soon simply because EE could not be indexed by Google (and others) without it. Without indexing, they don’t show up in results, so you stop seeing them anyway. Also, a trick like feeding the googlebot/yahoobot/etc crawler something different than normal browsers will cause search engines to de-list them as well (for being naughty), and, besides that, you could pose as googlebot or use the Google cache, if you wanted to get their answers.

    So, a good tip that will be good for a long time. Nothing to worry about.

  2. Sam says:

    haha I used to hit the back button too, until I realized you can just scroll down. Pretty smart on their end design wise. I think it’s a good service, I wouldn’t mind supporting it if I used more often.