William Asks: Trying to fire off the ImportEDI demand process from VB.NET with: backup process checkbox checked Import folder being \\taf2k8edi1\epicor\edidata\inbound\demand. Continuous process is false. This can be accomplished by establishing a session on the VB/C# application and creating an instance of the  ImportEDI process as shown below. After running a trace on Epicor you can […]

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How to change the appearance (background) of an Input Control in Epicor ERP 10 Configurator

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Jose C Gomez on December 18th, 2013

A few years ago I wrote an HTML Editor control that can be used with the .NET framework. Until recently it lay in obscurity being used from time to time by my and a few other people that found it online. Recently Joshua from Perficiency Development made some enhancements to it when he was trying to get it to work with Epicor. With this new enhancements and someone else asking about it on the Epicor mailing list I decided to throw together this short tutorial on how to get it working in Epicor.

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Jose C Gomez on December 2nd, 2013

An easy to use WYSIWYG HTML Editor for the .NET Framework and Epicor

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All the time I see on the list the request to export a Crystal Report from Epicor to PDF. I’ve done this many times different ways but this is my favorite, it can be done without having to bring in external libraries and it allows me to use Reflection. If you attended my talk at […]

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