Today was the second day with my CR 48, as promised I used it exclusively throughout the day to get anything done. I attempted to watch Twit Live with it however the feed was choppy and the audio was off sync with the video. I moved on to BOL (Buzz Out Loud) and had the same problem, I was able to downgrade the stream to Low Def and it helped a bit but any time I asked the CR48 to give me full screen video the image got choppy and the audio degraded.

Later in the afternoon I took some pictures of a painting I drew and had the need to make some adustments to the image I used Picknic an online photo editing app to make the changes needed. The first problem I had was trying to get the images onto the machine. Although the CR48 comes with a USB Port and an SD Card slot pluggin media into either of these did not make a difference.

After poking around the Internet I had found out that to enable file browsing I had to enable a special flag located in about:flags. Once I enabled advanced file access I was able to see the SDK and to upload the picture to Picknic. I successfully edited the picture and was able to upload it to Facebook.

So far so good, I did not enjoy the video playing but I think it has more to do with the hardware in the CR48 than the OS.

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