Yesterday to my surprise I received a CR48 from Google; for those not familiar with what this is, its a prototype laptop that Google sent out to a group of people for testing their new cloud operating system Chrome OS.

As a tester I made the commitment of using the CR48 “exclusively” for 30 days. The reason why the exclusively is in quotes is because I can’t reasonably use it for programming windows forms application, something that is required of me at work. But for any other activity I will attempt to use the cloud based CR48.

Today was the first full day I had with the laptop, I was able to transition my Google Apps account to be used with the laptop and I was able to get all my Google services loaded into it.

I experienced my first problem in the afternoon while watching a YouTube video, the sound started making static noises and became unbearable. Apparently this is a known issue. Besides this I did not encounter I that I could not do. So far so good.

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