Facebook has rolled out its new home to a limited number of users. It seems to be doing it in phases like every other company does these days. The changes aren’t very significant. They seem to be wanting to compete with TWITTER because the only new thing they offer is “live streaming” of posts and status changes from friends.

You’re looking at the real-time stream of posts from your friends and connections. Control the stream using the filters on the left. To hide posts from friends in this stream, click the “x” in the upper-right corner of a post. Learn more.

My fiance was one of the lucky first to be changed over and I am using her account to write this, it seems to me that either they haven’t turned the service fully on or they are missing the boat completely. I used my personal account to make an updated and I expected it to show automatically on her home page since its supposed to be a live stream. I waited several minutes and saw no change, I had to refresh the page for it to pull up the new status changes and updates. So far I am not very impressed although I must say that the change is small enough to get by without much trouble unlike the beacon feauture and the terms of service.

Here is a screens-shot of her profile after the change.

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How do you like the new change? Did it work as advertised?

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