bad-appleApple was granted a patent on their interface for the Iphone Touch Screen device. The patent covers the heuristics employed for multi-touch, detecting one of more finger contacts and much more. Apple announced a few days ago that it was ready to defend its intellectual rights  in reference to the new Plam Pre that also features multi touch technology. Now that they have been granted a patent, will this give them enough ammo to take Plam to court?

Personally I am sick of all this companies patenting all this technology and making it difficult for the industry to advance. If this patent encompass all I assume it does then creating a multi touch platform for any mobile device will be almost impossible, why can’t everyone share Linus Torvalds prospective? Haven’t we learned enough about the nature of this business to understand that you get more out of things when you make them available to everyone?

Just last month Suze Orman the world renown financial expert launched a new book for 2009 strategies in economics, she put the book up on her website and gave it away for free. She has now sold more copies than she would have had she not done this. The same thing is happening with Monthy Phyton, they just opened a youtube channel giving away the best of their shows and clips, all of the sudden their DVD sales have sky rocketed an amazing 2300%. (Yes that’s not a typo)

Come on Apple! Learn to share

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