Despite unprecedented calls for quick action, the White House’s $700 billion plan to rescue the financial industry appeared to fall apart late Thursday, less than 12 hours after a market-soothing deal seemed likely. A convergence of financial concerns, presidential politics and partisan rancor created an unexpected Washington drama with the nation’s economic future hanging in the balance. more… 

Apparently Republicans and Democrats had a meeting last night to negotiate the $700 Billion Dollar Bailout package. But they were too busy shouting and screaming at each other to actually get anything done. After the meeting things have regressed instead of progressed and we don’t know exactly when this will happen.

I am so sick of politics and the antics of a bipartisan government, neither republicans nor democrats care about this country or about the people. All they seem to care about are their stupid arrogant political views and their egos. This country’s economy has gone to the crapper, because of bad decisions made by companies and because we are spending billions of dollars a day fighting a pointless war. The only semi-intelligent idea the government  had in years was this “Bail Out Package” and they can’t even come to agreement on that.

How are we, “The American people” supposed to trust out government, when they act less mature than my little baby boy.

Republican presidential nominee John McCain issued a statement acknowledging that a bipartisan White House meeting he appeared to have sought to help showcase his leadership skills on the economy had devolved into a “contentious shouting match.”

I cannot for the life of me understand why we would ever allow people like them to run our country. I don’t care about parties or political views. All I care about is the fact that many of my friends and family cannot afford the basic necessities of life. So how about you ASSES stop yelling at each other like little school girls and get something done!

3 Comments on Donkeys and Elephants are Asses

  1. Josh S says:

    Hi Jose,
    I certainly agree with you that our congress is a sad bunch.
    On the other hand I have a hard time believing that “many of [your] fiends and family cannot afford the basic necessities of life.” From a physical perspective: air, shelter, water, and food are the necessities of life. Anyone living in America has these things available to them, but a lot of the world does not. I was in rural Mexico this summer talking to people who really do struggle to get by, and there are areas of the world that are in much more disparate shape than there, so I have a hard time when people who have a warm place to live complain that they don’t have the necessities of life!
    On the other hand the real necessity of life is Jesus, and his forgiveness and grace is available to everyone everywhere, and is not dependent on wealth or politicians (thank God!). I was reading Heb 13:6 this morning, and it’s a good reminder to put things in perspective.
    So take heart and have confidence that as much as $700B is, it is nothing compared to eternity!

  2. Jose C Gomez says:

    Hey Josh,
    Ok I think I may have misspoken. When I said basic necessities I meant paying their bills, mortgage and such.

  3. Josh S says:

    Oh, I think you were clear.
    My point is that your cable bill or even your mortgage is not going to be life threatening in this country. And even if it were, this life is a vapor anyway. We have greater things in which to place our hope then a bank or a legislator.