I know I haven’t blogged in a while , but I have a good reason for that! For the past month I have been working non stop on the new house. I no longer live with Rachel as of earlier this month and I decided to move in with Annie. Her house is on the North Side and it was only 2 bedrooms which meant we had to build an addition. 

Man alive! I didn’t think that construction work was a piece of cake, but I didn’t realize exactly how much strength, stamina and experience you need in order to accomplish even the smallest things. We built a new room by enclosing the car port. We put up the walls from the ground up, insulation, roof, elctrical, plumming and everything in-between. As a whole I am very proud of what we accomplished, we spent quite a bit of money but by moving in together we basically cut our household spending in half. I am so happy that we are all together and that we no longer have to worry about anybody being hurt or bothered. Now everyday when I come home I am received by my little boy raising his arms to be picked up and hugged. It is the most amazing feeling in the world!

Throughout the project I learned a lot about construction, but it also taught me a lot about people. Supposedly I have a ton of friends, but when I really needed help no one but one or two offered it or even called to find out how I was doing. And the few that I did call for help where always to busy or had more important things to do. I still love each and everyone of them but I have learned that you can’t count on anyone but yourself and your family.

However there where a few friends that did lend a helping hand and I am very grateful for all of you specially Dirk, Aaron, Christian and Renee! We could not have done it without you guys! Hopefully one day we’ll be able to pay you back.