“Philadelphia, PA – July 28, 2008
Comcast, the nation’s leading residential broadband Internet provider, and video game pioneer, Nintendo, have teamed up to offer an exclusive deal available to new Comcast Triple Play customers. From today until August 17, 2008, those who sign up for Comcast Preferred Plus or Premier Triple Play package* will receive a complimentary Wii™ system, merging together the joy of a super-fun video gaming experience with the power of super-fast Internet speed.”
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Apparently those who sign up for Comcast Triple Play (Preferred Plus or Premier) will receive a WII. I have been after a WII for quite a while now and although it is the least expensive of the consoles out there, it is very hard to find.

After reading the Press Release I called Comcast and tried to upgrade. Apparently the complementary WII is only available for “New Customers”. I have read the press release up and down and nowhere did it say you hadto be a “New Customer” it just a new Triple Play customer. I don’t have Triple Play so then by getting the upgrade it makes me a new Triple Play customer. After more than one hour on the phone with the “Customer Service Specialist” he told me there was nothing that could be done and I should email Comcast at ecare@comcast.com.

I have just finished writing them a very nice email explaining my point of view and letting them know that if this offer is not extended to current customers they are going to lose a lot of business (including mine). I already pay close to $150 worth of Comcast services. It is only fair that I get to reap the benefits.

Isn’t treating customer’s differently illegal? I mean, are they allowed to give some “special” to some customers and screw the rest of us over?

3 Comments on Comcast is screwing their customers over

  1. Bill says:

    Unfortunately, companies do this all the time… they are allowed to offer promotions to attract new customers. Credit card companies do it, retail stores do it, heck, Friday’s current rewards card promotion allows you to get a ticket to skip to the front of the line of people waiting to be seated for dinner, tell me that won’t ruffle some feathers!

    Are you married? If so, try canceling and reopening under your spouse’s name. Or, if you are really prepared to leave Comcast over this, tell them you got a great promotional offer from Dish/DirecTv/another competitor in your area, and if they can’t show you any appreciation as a customer, you’re gone.

  2. Christian says:


    Comcast ranked the lowest amongst major U.S. corporation Customer Service wise for the year 2004 and 2007 (according to the ACSI). I’m surprised they didn’t spit through your phone, or disconnect it just for calling them – or worse, do this

    btw <3 JG

  3. Christian says:

    www(dot)churchofthecustomer(dot)com/blog/2005/08/a_new_terrible_(dot)html -> http://www.churchofthecustomer.....ible_.html