Ubuntu LogoThose of you that know me are probably aware that I have always been a fan of Linux not only because its free, but because it is much more secure than windows. However throughout the years there have been hundreds, if not thousands of releases of Linux but not a single one managed to hit the spot just right until now.

Ubuntu 8.04 LTS Desktop Edition is the newest release of the very well known Linux distribution. Which means ‘Humanity to others’. It comes by default with the also well know desktop manager Gnome.

Gnome is cumbersome to get used to specially if you come from a windows background and thus they also offer KDE which is a lot closer to what people normally use. Linux has always had driver problems, video problems and all sorts of random glitches that normal users would never be able to deal with. To my surprise I installed Ubuntu without a hitch, it recognized all my drivers (even the proprietary ones) and then it proceeded trough the shortest installation I’ve ever experienced. I think that from boot to fully functional it took about 10 minutes, very impressive compared to over an hour for vista.

Once the installation finished I ventured into the system and found many things that pleased me. They have finally figured out that users like their documents and desktop and things of the sort. So now if you click on places on the top bar you see a very nice list of commonly used locations (including Desktop, Documents, Pictures etc) I remember that in the previous versions you always had to create this yourself inside the home folder.

Ubuntu for the longest time has come with a very good package manager apt-get this is a spawn of the old dpkg of Debian and it works great. It comes with hundreds of packages and repositories filled with free software that you can install with a simple command. If you are lazy you can get a graphical version adept which allows you to search and install packages with a simple click. To my surprise I also found that CNR the proprietary package manager is also available for it. This one literally allows you to install / un-install software with one click (Click and Run)

Everything else has been a breeze and every package I could dream of is available to me at a simple click this operating system has surpassed my expectation and I can now say that I am ready for windows to go away. Using VMware I can virtualize windows in a jiffy and still run everything on my cool new shiny Linux box. Ubunut now comes with a very nice scheduling policy for real time processing which in layman’s terms means that it handles jobs a lot better and allows for processes to use CPU time more efficiently thus speeding up the system.

 Now here is a challenge, grab a copy of Ubuntu and install it on top of your windows (you can run dual boot) I promise you will love it, the best part of it is that its free.


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