Quincy and Jose at the ZooYesterday was father’s day, a day to be thankful for your father and the things he’s done for you, a day to recognize him for what he is / was and to show him affection and love.

As it turns out, this is the first year where this applies to me. No I have not had any children of my own; but as many of you know I am in a relationship with Annie and she has an adorable little boy (Quincy). I consider him my child and I love him as such; yesterday I got several calls / cards wishing me happy father’s day. This was very exciting and at the same time very scary.

This brought to my attention that fact that Quincy will soon or already looks up to me. If I am to be his father figure, and by all accounts I am; then I have to be prepared for the many questions to come, for the advice I must give and for the discipline I will have to impart. More than anything I have to be prepared to be his spiritual leader, I have to be ready to answer all his questions and to guide him down the right path.

Am I ready for that? Does anyone have a manual? If so I will like you to mail me one please.

Besides the joke, I have been doing a lot of thinking lately about this, wondering if I am ready to be a “father”, to sacrifice many things for the well being of my son, to teach him and discipline him to love him and sometimes punish him. The bible says that we are to discipline our sons if we love them, but it also says that we are not to make them angry for no reason and we are to lead them through the correct path. I believe this is going to be very tough, I also believe I can’t do it alone. Thankfully I have God on my side; I just pray that he gives me the strength and wisdom to be the best father I can. I pray that he keeps me close and guides my every step, so that I may guide my son through the same path. Being a father is tough, but it is nothing compared to the joy of watching your son laugh. I may not be ready to be a father by myself but with the help of God and Annie I am sure I’ll do just fine.

2 Comments on Father

  1. Annie says:

    Don’t worry…you’re already doing just fine. 🙂

  2. Tere says:

    I think Quincy is a very lucky boy, I am pretty sure you are a wonderful father.