Clinton ObamaFinally the primaries are over and the dust is settling. People are still talking, some are upset, some are happy. In all honesty I would have preferred Clinton to win and not Obama, but it was in God’s will that he’d be the nominee and not her. Maybe the country is ready for a black president and not a woman.

I know that I am probably going to get flame for this, but honestly I am at a point that I don’t care who becomes president. I just don’t want McCain to be the one, in every speech I’ve heard from him all he does is reaffirm the policies that Bush has made. He has said that “if we have to be in Iraq 100 years, then that’s how long we’ll be there”,  and down that line he has pretty much copied every single speech from Bush (Without the bad grammar and enunciation).

Undoubtedly McCain is a good man, who has fought for this country and obviously cares. It seems to me that he is just bugged down by party affiliations and the fear of rejection. I don’t care who you talk to anymore, republicans, democrats and independents. Everyone that is willing to accept they were wrong are pleading for this worthless war to end. Those who are sticking to their guns are doing it because they are in denial and unwilling to admit their mistake. In 2001 we were enraged and rushed into a war that ended shortly there after. But for some unknown reason we have decided to stay there and prolong something that was over a while back. We went to war to stop Saddam Hussein from developing nuclear bombs, we took him down and he has been dead for 2 years. But yet we are still fighting.

I can only hope that Obama will make the right choice and select Clinton as his running mate, if he doesn’t he will not stand a chance against McCain. Many of the Clinton supporters do not like Obama and will not be willing to support him unless she is right there beside him.

5 Comments on I don’t care who… Just not McCain

  1. Tere says:

    AGREE,our best choice is the one to wants to stop this stupid war. In some way I think president elections are manipulated for the elite that always has been in power. Those people are the big families, the richiers as Rochefeller, Kennedy, and so on; they participate in the international trade group and historically it is said they running this country. You should do some reseach about it.

  2. Justin says:

    I always thought we stayed in the war to not leave Iraq hanging. We took out the dictatorship government that was oppressing the people and are sticking around until the new government takes shape. In essence there was a much needed governemental revolution that took place.

    I am unsure how exactly things are really going on over there, prolly wouldn’t agree with them, but that governmentless country needs help to maintain some sence of stability and to stay on track for a new government.

    I think our country would be shamed to no end if we start a revolution then pull out to let them handle it. Some say it wasn’t our business, which I can partially understand, but if I saw a building on fire I know I would have a very strong feeling to help.

    There are always two sides to every issue, unfortunatly the “pro” side to the Iraq war is top secrete. I do wish there was a better turn out for the war, but as the saying goes, unless I walked a mile in Bush’s shoes…

  3. Jose C Gomez says:

    Although I certainly agree that we should support them while they are getting their stuff together. There is also a limit to the lenght in time we should be there. McCain is saying if 100 years is needed then that’s what we will give. Although thinking of others is a good thing we should also think of ourselves and the toll this war has had on our people and economy. If staying there 100 years means that we go bankrupt and we loose thousands of men. Then at what point should we put our interest before theirs?

  4. Justin says: