So if you have been alive at all for the past 3 or 4 months then you have probably heard about the controversy with Michigan and Florida in regards to the democratic nomination for presidency. 

Florida and Michigan felt they would have more influence in the outcome of the elections if they moved their primary dates forward. This pissed off the Democratic Party and caused them to discount all votes from those states.

When I first heard about this, I was extremely irritated. Coming from Cuba a country with no liberties at all, I always valued the fact that at least in this country my vote counted. But apparently because of the crippled election system this country has. It is OK for a party to decide that votes simply don’t count.

Since this happened there have been numerous protests and demonstrations and finally yesterday the Democratic Party decided to do “something” about it. They said “we will give you 1/2 of the votes”. HALF? This is absolutely ridiculous, in 1787 the 3/5th compromise came in effect that gave slaves the right to have 3/5 of a man’s vote. So are these people telling me that in that year they had more rights than we have now?

People talk all the time about how important it is to vote and to be involved and about how it “does” make a difference. This year for the first time in a while voting has been in record numbers and then they decide to come up with this sort of crap. I am not a supporter of any candidate right now and I had thought about voting in the General Elections later on this year. But after learning all this crap I feel like this is all worthless.

The election system in this country is so Old and crappy. Every democracy out there has a popular system of election. That is the “PEOPLE” decide who becomes president, senator, governor etc. No stupid delegates or representatives per population. That is absolutely ridiculous, the system that we have today was implemented by our founding fathers because we didn’t have communication mediums that allowed us to get the word out to everyone. So it was said that people should pick a representative that they liked and then that representative would go and meet the candidates and decide for them. But now we have TV, Email, Telephone, and THE INTERNET! There is no reason why we need other people deciding for us. So far in all elections I’ve participated on since I got to this country the “President Elect” has not been the one that the people have chosen by number of votes AKA Popular Vote it has always been the complete opposite because said person has won the “Turnkey States”. We’ll guess what? The rest of the states count too, and if we weren’t so stuck in the past we could have a much better system in place.

Looking in retrospect, if we had a “Real System” back in 2000, Bush would have never been elected and maybe, just maybe Gas prices wouldn’t be 4 dollars a gallon, we wouldn’t have spent this much money in the war

and we wouldn’t be having our kids, brothers, fathers, mothers and family in general killed for no absolute reason.