I’ll try to keep it spoiler free.

For those of you that just want to know whether I recommend the movie or not here is your answer. “GO SEE IT, IT WAS GOOD”. Now for the rest of you, here is a more in-depth review

The movie was definitely a good last chapter in the life of Indi. When we are introduced to the now much older Dr. Jones you immediately see that although years have passes he is still the same old Indi. I am sure that the fact that Harrison Ford is much older had a definite impact on the way they made the movie. However I must add that the director made sure that the audience didn’t notice. Yes he is wearing old man’s clothes and has a slightly deeper voice. But all in all he is still our favorite hero.

The movie is packed with action, but unlike the others this one is also packed full of dry humor and funny circumstances. If you are anything like me you will find yourself laughing out loud in the theater as Indi grabs a mummy and hands it to Mutt (Shia) and says “Hold this” . The fight scenes are a little bit far fetched but that is not unusual for Indiana. Perhaps the most shocking thing in the movie is the fact that apparently he survives a “Nuclear Bomb” that is dropped right in front of him. They however tried very hard to explain that… I didn’t buy it but hey it’s supposed to be fantasy right?

Perhaps the only disappointing thing was that the ending seemed a bit rushed and it didn’t make a whole lot of sense but in reality the story line was a bit farfetched to begin from the beginning.

If you pay attention to detail you will appreciate the subtle hints that the director dropped all over the movie making reference to the past movies for example Marcus Broody, Dr. Jones Senior, the Arc of the covenant etc…

Anyways all in all a good movie although I don’t think I will be watching it at random times in the future like I do with “Raiders of the Lost Arc” or “The Last Crusade”

If you have seen the movie let me know what you thought of it