After many years struggling with the idea of creating my own site, I have decided to go for it. I am using the wordpress framework because, as many people out there I am a “Blogger”. This framework provides a nice way for me to express my ideas an opinions as well as being able to maintain a professional and orginized website. I have just finished personalizing the template and I think it looks pretty good. I’ve spent a major part of my life creating sites for others but never actually bothered to make a complete site for myself. 

Sure, I tinkered with the idea in the past and even made some mock ups and started to write many times. But it always came down to the fact that if there is no insentive we are just plain lazy. I just graduated from college and I am now venturing into the “Real Word” so this is one of the first things I am doing as I transition from being a “College Kid” to an “IT Professional”. From time to time I will post about my personal life. But for the most part I will try to keep my site geared towards my profession and beliefs. This will be a great tool to use to reach people and be heard.